Anne Angelheart

Anne shares, “It is my passion to teach others and to see them grow and become unlimited in life. My mission is to show how we are all connected and how you simply need to change your consciousness to achieve. Each unique individual has the ability to hear and feel their own inner voice. This shift of awareness within empowers people to make conscious choices that contribute to the greater good of the planet around them.”

Anne AngelheartAbout Anne

Anne Angelheart has been studying various spiritual and metaphysical practices for more than 25 years. Born a psychic medium she uses her gifts to empower others. Her studies were supplemented with countless workshops and one-on-one lessons with shamans and religious leaders from a variety spiritual sects.

Using what she had learned through her own studies, Angelheart began teaching others about the workings of the inner and outer worlds. Today she is a transformational coach, lecturer, teacher and author.

Her story

Rev. Anne Angelheart is a well-known Soul reader, healer, author and workshop facilitator and has been working professionally for 22 years in her field.

Anne has worked with many different teachers in parapsychology, paranormal, Shamanism, and Ascension work and has added her own unique techniques of working with the public. She is the author of Awaken the Secret Within and Twelve Universal Laws.

Anne has been in study of the spiritual and self-help since 1974. She has combined all she has learned and experienced, with knowledge and information she has channeled working with her higher self and her guides; and has developed her own unique way of teaching others to heal and open their hearts. Anne has done Soul Path readings, taught workshops, lectured, and assisted in personal and business consulting for over 22 years. Anne was the host of Accelerated Potential PBS show, which she had for 2 years. She is particularly known for her assistance in guiding those to transform their lives.

Anne feels her best teachers have been her Higher Self, Earth School and her relations upon the Earth. Her experiences are what make her work unique.

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