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Presenters Application

  • The Healing Arts Festival showcases some of the most interesting presenters in the region. If you are interested in being a Presenter, please submit the Form below.
    Presenter slots are limited and fill up early!! We do not charge a presenters fee nor do we pay people to present. If we feel your presentation is unique and will be a draw, then we will happily book you to present if space is available.
    The presenter list is normally finalized about 8 weeks before the festival so that we may include it in our marketing.
  • Presenter must be available and ready to present at least 15 minutes prior to time slot.

    Presenter must present information as set forth in outline in Presenter Application. No deviations are allowed without prior approval.

    Presenter must present an interesting and informative program. This is NOT to be a sales talk – i.e. a presentation directed entirely to cause attendee to purchase presenter's products or services. The talk may incorporate information from area of presenter's expertise and may suggest attendees to stop by their booth or contact them for more information however, this should be no more than 5% of the presentation.

    Professionalism: Presenter agrees to maintain dignity and integrity of the Festival. The Festival reserves the sole right to ask any presenter to cease and to leave the Festival whom they feel are not acting in the best interest of the Festival.

    Cancellations or No Shows: If the Presenter cancels, in the final 3 weeks prior to the festival or doesn't show up for their scheduled talk, a no show fee of $50 may be accessed and billed as well as any losses from advertising the presentation, ticket sales (if applicable), or re-booking the spot that the Festival incurs. Non-payment of fee may accrue interest of 25% APR.

    Photographs & Video: Speakers agree to permit photographs or video to be taken by Festival staff or volunteers for promotional purposes. All photographs and film remain the property of Healing Arts Festival.

    The Healing Arts Festival has a zero tolerance policy for immoral interpersonal behavior or business practices and may be means to be rejected or removed from this and all future events.

    Any property belonging to the Festival that is used for your presentation is under your care and supervision for that time period. Loss or damages that occur during that time will be the responsibility of the presenter. If you are unsure how to use the equipment, please ask a staff member for assistance.

    This agreement constitutes the entire contract between the Healing Arts Festival and the Presenter. Any questions or issues not covered in this contract shall be subject solely to the decision of the Producer.

    By submitting this, I understand that approval is not guaranteed and that a confirmation of acceptance or denial of my application will be issued to me within 7 business days.


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