Exhibitor Application

Please note: We are full for essential oil, jewelry, crystal exhibitors, and readers for April.  Any new applications for those categories will be put on a waiting list. 

Exhibitors Application

  • We are currently full for April. Please request which booths you'd prefer for September. Availability will be determined after April event. Current exhibitors have first right of renewal.
  • Please pick your preferred booth based on the floor plan above.

    Color Key
    Orange = already reserved
    Purple = 6x8 booth $200
    Blue = 8x8 booth $250
    Red = 10x10 booth $300 includes electricity
    Green = 12x10 booth $340 includes electricity
    Yellow = 16x10 booth $375

    Please note that at the end of an event, exhibitors have the option to renew their booth. If you are reserving a booth for a festival after the next upcoming event, the booth will not be confirmed until after the prior event is over.

  • Setup/Clean-up and Show Times: Setup starts at 7:30 am and must be completed by 9:45 am. Public hours vary by date but are generally 10:00 am - 6:00 pm on Saturdays and 10:00am - 5:00 pm on Sundays. If you do not arrive on time to be set up before 9:45 am, you will forfeit your booth space and exhibitor fee.

    No early clean-up: Clean up is from close of event until two hours later, generally 7:00 pm or 8:00pm. If you stay later and the Festival staff is unable to leave or the building required additional rental time, you may be charged an additional $150 per 30 minutes.

    Products and Services: Healing Arts Festival must determine the eligibility of all products & services. Producer reserves the right to deny sale of items that have not been listed on the application. Producer’s judgment shall be final and binding. No music or loud sounds are okay without prior approval.

    Professionalism: Exhibitor agrees to maintain dignity and integrity of the Festival and will not perform any acts of a harmful nature. The Festival reserves the sole right to ask any Exhibitor or its employees to leave the Festival whom they feel are not acting in the best interest of the Festival. Exhibitors will stay within their booth space, be a good neighbor, and will not send out "runners" or staff to draw people into their space. No negative use of energy or herbs may be used against any other exhibitor. We have zero tolerance for such behavior.

    Moral Integrity: The Healing Arts Festival prides itself on creating a safe environment for individuals to seek truth and have fun. We reserve the right to exclude exhibitors based on questionable business practices or either suspected or proven deviant behavior.

    Provided with Booths: 6x8 includes 3 chairs; 8x8 includes one 6ft. table and 2 chairs; 10x10 includes one 8 ft. table, 2 chairs, and electricity; 12x10 includes one 12 ft. or 8 ft. table, 2 chairs, and electricity. Changes may be made to the booth upon request and based on availability of tables and chairs. Electricity may be purchased for the smaller booths.

    Prepayment Of Fees : If a deposit is made on a booth, the full booth fee must be paid at least 30 days before the show begins. A late fee of $35 may be accessed after that time. If still unpaid 2 weeks prior to event, the Festival has the right to resell your booth. All Prepayment fees shall be forfeited as liquidated damages if the full payment is not made and exhibitor may be liable for balance due if booth was unable to be filled at full price. An interest rate of 25% APR may be accessed for late or non-payment.

    Booth: No booth may be shared without explicit prior approval. Exhibits must be open and staffed during all Festival hours. No interior signs higher than 8 feet.

    Smoking Prohibited: Smoking is not permitted in the Exhibit Hall, nor is the burning of candles, incense, sage or any other material. Any smoking outside must be 25 feet away from any doorway or ventilation unit.

    Premises Rules: Exhibitors shall abide by all regulations governing usage of the premises. Painter's tape and Gaffer's tape are the only acceptable means to affix objects to walls or floors. Displays or exhibitors space must be free standing.

    Laws, etc.: Exhibitor agrees to abide by all applicable laws, ordinances and regulations pertaining to health, fire prevention, public safety, business licenses, sales tax permits and applicable liability insurance. If you provide goods for sale, you must have a sellers permit available at your booth. For more information, visit the Board of Equalization at www.boe.ca.gov or call 1-800-400-7115.

    Liability: Healing Arts Festival is not liable for personal injury, or for lost or stolen goods. Insurance is the exhibitor’s responsibility, and is recommended. Exhibitor is liable for any damage they cause to booths, decorations, or property. Exhibitor agrees to indemnify & save harmless the sponsor and its agents from any claims, causes of action, and suits resulting from any damage, injury, or loss to any persons connected to the exercise of Exhibitor privileges granted herein.

    Cancellations: In the event that any outside force (including disruption to event space) prevents the festival from taking place, Healing Arts Festival reserves the right to retain Exhibitor payments to cover expenses. Sponsor has the option to cancel the Festival up to 30 days prior to event and will return booth fees to the exhibitors.

    Booth sales are final. Exhibitor may not sub-let or resell booth space. Producer reserves the right to alter the booth layout plan. Requests for specific booths will be taken into consideration, however, Producer has sole discretion to assign booths as Producer deems appropriate.

    Photographs: Exhibitors agree to permit photographs of their booths and their work at the Healing Arts Festival to be taken by Producer or their staff to be used for the purposes of promoting and advertising the event. All photographs remain the property of Healing Arts Festival.

    No filming or recording allowed without the written permission from the Healing Arts Festival producer. Permission must be obtained 2 weeks prior to festival date. Anyone filming or recording without written permission will be asked to leave and will be denied any booth refunds.

    Literature tables are for Exhibitor Information only unless you have received advance permission from Healing Arts Festival Staff.

    Terms Extend To Future Exhibits And Shows: Should you not sign a subsequent contract for that Festival, you herewith agree to abide by, and be bound by these rules, terms and conditions in your participation in all future festivals of this Sponsor.

    This agreement constitutes the entire contract between the Healing Arts Festival and the Exhibitor. Any questions or issues not covered in this contract shall be subject solely to the decision of the Producer.


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