Aisha MuhammadAisha Muhammad
Clairvoyant and Psychic Medium
Booth 207



Ancestral Pathways
Soul Evolution Healing System(c) Healing, Soul-to-Soul Coaching, Information about Classes and Workshops in Sacramento on various Shamanism related topics.
Booths 111 & 112


Anita DeCoteauAnita DeCoteau
Readings & Energy Healings
Booth 5



Ann Savino
Mediumship Readings, Aura Readings and Energy Healing
Booth 605



Anne AngelheartAnne Angelheart
Soul Reader, Author, and Transformational Coach
Booth 302



Aroma Bliss:  Young Living with Sandi & Ciana
Essential oils are more than nice scents; these powerful plant extracts offer a path to lifelong wellness. Discover how to use them to enhance your home, wellness, beauty, and balance. Experience the Neuro-Auricular Technique designed to reduce stress, aid in emotional release and stimulate the immune system.
Booth 202

Beautiful handmade gemstone jewelry that is designed to absorb essential oils and serve as a personal diffuser and essential oil blends mixed with crystals. Handmade and one of a kind pieces.
Booth 214

Artwork by Cjheru
painted scarves and art
Booth 207



Barbara Royles Designs
Crystal and gemstone jewelry
Booth 505



Barry HelmBarry Helm
Alternative Healing Practitioner-Intuitive Bodywork-Metaphysical Healing
Booth 106



BeYoutiful Soul Shop
Handmade healing jewelry of all sorts – Gemstone Mala necklaces/bracelets, wire wrapped crystal pendants, healing gemstone leather wraps, hand drawn spiritual t-shirts, Handmade healing deep tissue ointment.
Booth 304

Bliss Slings
Device/sling designed to promote proper posture.  Many of slings are hand-painted and made of hemp.
Booth 314

Body Talk boothBody Talk
Mind/Body Balance healing
Booth 11 & 12



Carrie Meyer, Holoflective Healing
Holographic Energy Work alchemically treats the broad spectrum of your energy field to dissolve the density of impacted, unconscious layers and potentiate a freer, more evolved expression of your consciousness. Reading a range of your psycho-energetic patterns, Carrie provides insightful feedback and Integrative Counseling. Professional offerings also include Holistic Hypnotherapy, Past-life Regression, Yoga.
Booth 306

Cathleen HyltonCathleen Hylton
Psychic readings ans healing focusing on well being.
Booth 603



Dean Master ShaSquare

The Center for Soul Healing
Soul readings, Soul healing blessings and books.  All personally trained by Dr. and Master Zhi Gang Sha.
Booth 104


Cherry DivineCherry Divine
Conscious Channel/Medium/Author.   Intuitive readings to assist you on your personal journey. Receive guidance, channeled messages from “The Unlimited Consciousness of Love” and messages from loved ones who have crossed.
Booth 113


Dr. Christian Toren von LahrDr Christian von Lahr psychic medium medical intuitive
Master Psychic Medium & Medical Intuitive
Booth 404



Create Coherence – Hypnagogic Light Experience
The Lucia N°03 offers the benefits of a very deep meditation, through accessing an expanded state of consciousness almost immediately. The light stimulates temporary harmonic brain wave patterns in the brain usually only found in the brains of people who have been meditating for decades. The light helps the user access the Theta state as well as high Alpha patterns, often associated with joy, intuition, creativity and high concentration. White light passes through closed eyelids, past the retina to the pineal gland, and creates a visual experience of one’s own design. The inner consciousness of the traveler produces scenes of indescribable beauty.
Booth 402


Crystal Heart Company
Hand wire wrapping crystals and minerals, hand painted artwork that incorporates healing crystal onto the paintings, and crystals and minerals in their polished and raw forms
Booth 403


Culinerdy CruzerCulinerdy Cruzer
Food Truck
Parking lot between 11am – 3pm Saturday




Different Drum
Handmade drums
Booth 313



doTERRA Essential Oil Wellness Advocate Christine Contarini and Zyto Compass scanner to scan you for which essential oils are recommended for your body. Also an AromaTouch Technique certified application of 8 essential oils for Stress Reduction, Immune Boost, Inflammation Reduction and Balance
Booth 602

Drake Bear StephenDrake Bear Stephen, Drake Inner Prizes
Transpersonal Hypnotherapist, Shamanic Energy Medicine Practitioner/Teacher/Author/ Artist, and a Teaching Reiki Master specializing in Past Life Therapy and Gender Shamanism. At booth: Copies of his book, Smudging and Cleansing items, Fair trade energy medicine tools from the Andean peoples of Peru.  )Offering: quick chakra/aura tune-ups, soul clearings
Booth 107

Eeshi-Ra Hart, UniPhi with Sound
Sound healing with Tuning fork taster sessions and Sound Healing Audios
Booth 604



Erin Burrell TarotErin Burrell, Readings by Erin
Intuitive Tarot Card Reader
Booth 310



Fair Oaks Massage Institute
Massage School providing education in both Energy work and Active modalities offering classes, programs leading to State Certification, massage and bodywork services and wider Holistic Health Education. Some bodywork products and services.
Booths 108 & 203


Gina Crystal
Intuitive Readings – Practical, Insightful, Transforming.  Crystal Chakra Readings and Healings – Receive deep and profound Healing on all levels as the Chakras are infused with Crystalline Energy and cleansed of old emotions that no longer serve you. Then you can experience the wisdom and guidance of your higher self and enter a world of Unlimited possibilities.
Booth 205


Global Sun Trading
Crystals, metaphysical deity statues, stone figures, exotic minerals, metaphysical jewelry
Booth 606



Gregory Cain
Booth 601



Dr. Jerald Hannah DC, Hannah Chiropractic
Free spine and posture checks are offered in a fun and interactive booth featuring the soft tissue therapy Active Release Techniques and therapy sample sessions.
Booth 110

Healing Pathways Psychological Services
Information booth – Healing Pathways provides experiential meditation and guided imagery, fun experiential booth, with information for families, couples and individuals to deepen into their experiential process in therapy.
Booth 206

Henna Arts
Healing, blessing, and re-bonding with Henna
Booth 3



Hugh HallHugh Hall
Booth 4



Indra RinzlerIndra Rinzler
Enneagram of Personality & Vedic Astrology
Booth 8



Jacquelyn Christine, Sirius Art
Intuitive Artist
Booth 607



Jivan Swann, IridologistJivan Swann
Booth 102



KalubKalub Jarosh, Transformational Acupunture and Wellness Clinic
Kalub is known for his Medical Pulse Diagnosis. It is a ancient way of diagnosing biomedical problems with the body. It is extremely accurate as well. Three conditions became the most predominate cases Kalub would see and work with the most. They are pain management, weight loss and infertility. My clinic focuses and specializes in those areas.
Booth 504

Karen Sommers & Steve Robinson, Lake in the Sky Psychic Institute
Energy Healing
Booth 9



Kris Tondee PsychicKris Tondee
Booth 201



Leslie FonteyneLeslie Fonteyne
Clairvoyant intuitive, channel and energetic healer who works with Ascended Masters and Archangels to remove blocks that prevent fulfillment and abundance. In her energy work, she includes the channeled presence and wisdom of Ascended Masters, the Archangels, light beings and her Higher Self to remove astral debris, cords, implants, entities and other interferences
Booth 211

Lianne Wood, Animal Whispers
Healings and for animals and people.  Hand made natural soaps and lotions, toys for dogs and cats, gourmet cookies for dogs
Booth 10

fire reikiLightweavers Academy
Boutique and Healing Center.  From Lightweavers will be Susan Langley – owner, Janet Michalk – Hypnotherapist, Ethan Glass doing Aura clearings, and Joseph Carter with chair acupressure.
Booths 109 & 204


Lorraine ChilsonLorraine Chilson
Crystal Bed from Abadiania, Brazil (Lorraine went to John of God in 2013 and 2014~ had spiritual and physical surgeries), Certified: Reiki Master, Quantum Touch I & II, touching the light, Tuning the Biofield, Hypnotherapist, past life regression & Dolores Cannon’s Quantum Healing Hypnotherapy, and Licensed Massage Therapist CAMTC #73905
Booth 501

Lucille SnyderLucille Snyder
Lucille Snyder aura photographer, holistic health care worker for 25 years.  With the aura photo she takes, she gives a personal reading of the aura which is helpful in understanding your natural talents and how you’re using your energy now.
Booth 312

The Mandala Lady/Maureen Frank
Intuitive Mandala Art Readings, Mandala Coloring Books, and Mandala Meditation Stones
Booth 113



Mark wexlerMark Wexler
Palmist and Tarot Card Reader
Booth 201



Melanie Channell/Heartworks
Numerology / Tarot combination readings, Chakra / Aura energy healings, also selling handmade jewelry and Numerology cards.
Booth 210

Moon Mermaid Soap Company
Chemical free, vegan and organic bath and body products infused with the Lunar energies, drawn from the cycles of the Moon, each product includes crystals charged and ready for your bath ritual. The Moon Mermaid uses Sea Salt sourced from our beautiful Pacific Ocean. Each product comes wrapped ready to gift others or oneself.
Booth 212

Myrian GallerMyrian Galler, Natural Born Shaman
Shamanic healing, oracle card readings and painted energy portraits
Booth 311



Health and wellness products including a daily supplement and superfood/antioxidant powder boost and an amazing eye serum.
Booth 303


New Wave Performance Therapy
Red Light Therapy for human and animal application that is used in conjunction with essential oil blends to create the most beneficial result from both modalities. Bob Burdekin ASE, CHHP is a board Certified Holistic Health Practitioner certified by the American Association of Drugless Practitioners since 2010.
Booth 103

OM Infusion
All natural hand-made flower essence sprays and herbal product
Booth 7

11023814_971596702890858_1723337674942540898_oRaven’s Blue Magic
Essential Oil Sprays
Booth 213



Psychic Medium & Medical Intuitive
Booth 1



Sharon Sampsel PsychicSharon Sampsel
Booth 209



SInging bowlsShavonni
Imported Treasures from India
Booth 215



Shea Darrow Shea's ApothecaryShea’s Apothecary, Shea Darrow
Herbal Products & Sacred Harmony Pyramids
Booth 305



Skin Addiction ApothecarySkin Addiction Apothecary
Apothecary skin care line that is not only environmentally friendly, organic and cruelty free, but so pure and magickal, you could actually eat it.
Booth 212


Solaris Rising logoSolaris Rising
Certified Crystal Healing and Certified Life Coaching, Chakra Balancing, Life healing consultations, Home energy clearing, Color and sound therapy and more including Crystal Infused Product line – Bath Salts, Aura Sprays, lotions, etc. …all infused with crystal essences
Booth 502

Sophia BrechartSophia Brechart
Energy healer
Booth 401



Stacey Ferrell Animal CommunicatorStacey Ferrell, Trinity Healing Connection
Intuitive, empath, and energy healer with a passion for animal communication, custom wire-wrapped jewelry
Booth 309


Stone Room
Crystals, rock, and minerals from around the world. Healing and spiritual items and women’s clothing from Tibet, Nepal and India.
Booth 405


Tammy AdamsTammy Adams
Intuitive Life Coach and Spiritual Healer who communicates with your guardian angels and spirit guides to quickly get the root of the problem. Sessions are educational and very informative giving not just the answers but the true underlying problem to whats holding you back or keeping you from happiness and success!
Booth 608

Terri Sanders
Intuitive Reader working with the light of God’s love and connecting with angels, guides, and masters who come forward to bring clarity to your life.
Booth 2


Tian Chao Herbs and Acupuncture
Information on TCM, Complementary health screening, Herbal foot soak baths
Booth 301


Vibrational Therapy Products for a Modern World
Booth 503



WellBEing Resource
Holistic Resource Guide
Booth 6



Wendy Burrell
Booth 105

Who is Hungry?
Food Truck
Parking Lot between 11am – 3pm Sunday



Speakers-WassonWings Over Soul
Handmade Medicine bags, wands, jewelry, and crystals
Booth 101


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