Gina Crystal

Intuitive Consultant – Energy Healer

Gina Crystal has been doing readings and healings for over 25 years.  She has her own Tarot School called “Enlightenment Through the Tarot”  and is author of the book Seven Tools For Healing and Transformation.

Gina CrystalGina is a  Reiki Master and a Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist. She has traveled extensively and visited many countries around the world helping people from different backgrounds heal deep personal issues. Gina uses a combination of many modalities in her work such as Tarot, Sacred Drumming, Chakra Clearings, Emotional Bio-decoding, Past Life Regression, and more to help you on your path in life.  Gina is currently channeling information and healing energy from Goddess Isis to do Crystal Chakra Readings and Healings.

Gina has been on radio and TV and has had booths and lectured at many Metaphysical Expos all over the country.

Readings – Crystal Chakra Healings

Practical, Insightful, Transforming

Intuitive Readings

Gina channels Goddess Isis to give you clarity, motivation and direction in all areas of life:

Love, Career, Finances, Relationships and more.…Gina channels the Wisdom of Isis to give you resolution and empowerment so you can live the Life of your dreams.

Crystal Chakra Healings

Crystal Chakra Healings will clear and balance your chakras so that you can have more Health Love, Joy and Prosperity in your Life. Buried emotions will be cleared, Ancestral Contracts that no longer serve you will be dissolved and you will feel the awesome power and discernment of being connected to your higher self.





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