Leslie Fonteyne

Leslie Fonteyne

Leslie Fonteyne is a clairvoyant intuitive, channel and energetic healer who works with Ascended Masters and Archangels to remove blocks that prevent fulfillment and abundance. In her energy work, she includes the channeled presence and wisdom of Ascended Masters, the Archangels, light beings and her Higher Self to remove astral debris, cords, implants, entities and other interference’s in a client’s energy bodies. The result is explosive inner change.

Sessions at the Festival: Leslie will be doing 30-minutes and 1 hour sessions at the Festival, so book ahead now! These go fast.

What is a session like? Sessions are personalized to go deep into your experience. You may be struggling physically, emotionally, or financially. Perhaps you’re embarking on creating a new life and purpose for yourself. You may be under attack energetically or have porous boundaries. These sessions will have a profound impact on you.

What can you expect from an Energetic Clearing?  Leslie works clairvoyantly at a high vibrational level with your energy systems. She examines your past lifetime imprints, ancestral line, agreements, energetic debris, as well as difficult energies that stop you from stepping into all that you are. In partnership with Ascended Masters, Archangels, light beings and ministering spirits, Leslie clears the blocks, fears and beliefs that you are ready to release, deliver healing where you are compromised physically and emotionally, and open the door for you to step into love, abundance and joy. With all that comes channeled guidance. The result is profound change – one of the most powerful experiences you’ll ever have.

Why do this? Because you’re ready to let go of heavy, lower vibrational energies, blocks and agreements that no longer serve you. Because you want to step into all that you are. And when you do this, it literally changes what you attract into your life. Your soul path shifts.

Reach out today if you are feeling it is time to embark on the next part of your life journey! You can email Leslie to set up a session or appointment.

Speaking Saturday at 2:00 PM: Creating the Platform for Outrageous Abundance


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