Myrian Galler

Myrian GallerMyrian is a natural born Shaman of Siberian matriarchal lineage. She was born in Brazil, “knowing” things and seeing beyond this realm into the Spirit World. A near death experience at age three and some traumatic events that followed, increased her sensitivity, as the surrounding environment where she grew up was rich in ritual, shamanistic healing and ceremonies. Myrian studied with many teachers, living and in Spirit, and continues to do so.

She has been consciously working with the Spirit World and all our relations to assist in healing of this Earth and all sentient beings that live upon her since 1983.

Myrian will be offering Shamanic Divination and healing at her booth.  She will also offer hand drawn energy snapshots of what is affecting your current life. These are very accurate drawings that can give you insight and clarity into your life situation.
Healing will be offered as needed, while you are seated on the chair or standing up. Myrian works with the Spirit realm in her sessions, which is a very powerful, transformative and yet loving experience. She is looking forward to being of assistance to you.

Contact Myrian to set up an appointment at 916-254-7519 or email her.


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