A Time of Change for Us and Earth with Carole Thomas – Sunday, 12:00pm – 12:45pm


What is your part in the Divine Plan now unfolding on Earth!

Earth is a living, breathing organism and we have abused her terribly with our thoughts and actions.  For Earth to ascend, a cleansing will need to take place.

AMERICA has a vital role in this unfolding Divine Plan.  AMERICA is the Country to model to all on Earth a heart based way of living…a Tapestry of Loving and Conscious People of ALL religions, races, nationalities and cultures.  A Country where loving thoughts and actions reflect Oneness and Love for ALL life.

Come and learn about our Beloved Mother Earth and your unique thread of experience to weave into the Tapestry of the New Earth.

We will close with a short meditation aligning with the healing of Earth, a healing for you and your love ones.

Carole ThomasAbout Carole Thomas:  Carole’s thirty years of study and experience have brought her to her passion, to share the Transformational Healing of TAPESTRY and to bring change and healing to Earth and all people on Earth.

Her journey has given her years of joy taking the energy and wisdom of TAPESTRY into many areas with children, hospice, mental and health care and our prison system.

There is a new World emerging and Carole’s activities have focused on being a part of this change, weaving the new energies for our New Earth.

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