Crystal Chakra Healings with Gina Crystal – Saturday, 1:00pm – 1:45pm

Do you know that the cause for problems with Money, Relationships, Career and anything is found in your body?  Do you know that struggles your relatives and ancestors had may also be stored in your body sabotaging your ability to lead a healthy and productive life full of unlimited possibilities? Many of these deep emotions that we have experienced are stored in our chakras which are the main energy centers of the body. Gina has developed a system of healing that can help to clear the chakras and dissolve emotions from the past that are no longer useful.
Come and experience Crystal Chakra Healings. You will learn simple techniques to bring balance to your Body, Mind, and Spirit. Volunteers will be chosen from the audience.

About Gina:  Gina Crystal has been in the field of Teaching and Intuitive Consulting for over 25 years. She is author of the book “Seven Tools for Healing and Transformation.” She has also appeared on radio and TV. Gina is a Certified Hypnotherapist and is skilled in many forms of energy medicine. She has traveled extensively and has helped people from many different nationalities and backgrounds to heal deep personal issues.

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