Energy Healing & Child Development with Rasolan Crocker – Sunday, 4:00pm – 4:45pm

When healing chakras most people seek to heal themselves, and rid themselves of the current energies that may be causing the blockages never taking into consideration that some blockages or damage occurred as children. From a holistic perspective – mind, body, and soul, children often need healing long before adulthood. We spend years educating and healing the minds and bodies of our children without considering the soul aspect of development. The chakra system does not develop when we become adults, it begins at birth. In this lecture, Rasolan will discuss child development through the chakra systems and the importance of healing and maintaining balance for healthy child development.

About Rasolan Crocker:  Rasolan has been teaching publicly and privately for over five years. She has a B.A. in Early Childhood Education, and a Masters in Special Education. Her metaphysical studies were at first just a tool for personal development but Rasolan began to see as she was working in classrooms that many children were suffering from the effects of no spiritual development. She began to study chakras and energy and its correlation to child development, and found that many childhood issues, and learning disabilities were linked to poor chakra health.  Rasolan is now working to bring awareness to the education community, parents, and anyone working with children, the importance of holistic education and care for children; especially children in the early stages of development, birth to age 8.  A healthy chakra system allows children to have a healthy and positive development.

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