Experience Energy Tools for Spiritual Expansion with Cathy Morton – Saturday, 5:00pm – 5:45pm

This is a rare opportunity to encounter energy tools that accelerate and strengthen connection to your higher self, Earth, and higher dimensions. Cathy’s bringing crystals, a golden singing chalice, an axiatonal grid, a Chi Machine, and a far-infrared hothouse. As you know, the right tool for the job—be it a hammer or a crystal—saves time and energy and expands potential. Be one of the lucky ones: have a direct experience using these energetically transformative tools.

About Cathy Morton:  Following a prolonged near-death experience at age 4, Cathy Morton was catapulted into a beyond-normal life. At 19, she received multiple psychic surgeries and training in spirituality, which awakened a thirst for knowledge of true human potential through Creator. For the past 41 years, she has pursued her healing gifts and expelled her shadows through initiations as a Reiki Master Trainer, drum builder, crystal energy authority, human potential coach and empowerment healer. A 46-year Alaska resident, Cathy recently relocated to the corner of Morton and Alaska Street in Ashland Oregon. Cathy Morton’s gifts heal through joy and play. She believes deeply in the power of love, prayer and miracles.

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