Healing with your Galactic Light Beings and Guides with Ann Naimark – Saturday, 4:00pm – 4:45pm

Ann will give a brief description of her spiritual history and journey then lead a guided, channeled healing meditation for the group based on input from the audience about their needs, desires for physical, mental, emotional, spiritual healing. Beginning with Divine Protection and Intention, she will invite in everyone’s Light guides, their I Am Presence, and Divine beings from different dimensions of creation who are interested in assisting with earth’s ascension. Together you will do a clearing, then a download of Love, Light, assistance in integrating Spirit energies and what is appropriate for each person’s highest good. Then you will finish up with a re-grounding to the body and the planet. You will use breath, visualization, sound (possibly Light language and toning). Ann may do individual energy channeling depending on guidance. Ann will ask for sharing if anyone wants to and to help in integration.

About Ann Naimark:¬†¬†Transformational messenger, spiritual psychotherapist-24 yrs MFT.¬† Transmitting Spiritual Energy from many Light Beings for healing; helping you feel peaceful, whole, alive & free! Ann has been doing groups, workshops, working with individuals, couples, and families for many years in Sacramento. Her work has moved from traditional psychotherapy to focusing on the whole person (body, mind, emotions, spirit) in order to create healing and a passion for living on purpose. Ann’s study has been with many spiritual disciplines (Buddhism, Hinduism, Christianity, esoteric, natural arts) and she pulls from the Light that streams across all styles, celebrating the diversity that the Divine gives us.

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