How to Kick Sugar with Krista Martinussen – Saturday, April 1st, 2:00pm – 2:45pm

Join Krista Martinussen as she educates us about biochemistry and our body and sugar.  She will share information on the ayurvedic concept of the polarity of food as well as the ways that we can easily stop reaching for sugar to fill deeper emotional/relational needs in our lives.

head-shot-2-CopyAbout Krista:

Fitness, nutrition and emotional/mental wellness has always been Krista Martinussen’s passion. With a degree in psychology and a background in health science, counseling, movement and education, she is uniquely gifted to help facilitate growth in her clients. For more than ten years she has been helping people not only set and achieve their goals, but discover more about themselves, as they expand in confidence and intuition.

Krista is certified through the Health Coach Institute and has several years’ experience in actively facilitating groups and in transformational work.


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