Kids Lives Matter with Cheshi Asgikaga – Sunday, 4:00pm – 4:45pm

Children speak, but who is really listening? In our App controlled world, it seems like we’ve lost that ability to hear. As adults burdened with work and fixed agendas, we can’t possible see that today’s model of parenting lacks emotional commitment and is extremely overwhelming to our children. Being present with compassion for them is crucial to their well being. Louise Hay wrote that, “We are all victims of victims” searching to fill the holes left in our hearts left by our own parents. Parenting is difficult, come and discover the path to listening from the heart, in the end its the only voice they’ll remember good or bad, your choice.

About Cheshi:

“As a Holistic Health Advocate for me it feels surreal to say that I don’t remember my life before I was 7 years old. This statement sounds pretty profound doesn’t it? but it’s true. A survivor of In Vitro Abuse or IVA, my mom was diagnosed with severe schizophrenia. Birth control was illegal in the 50’s, so she had 6 children in between her stays at various mental facilities. Shock treatments along with medications like Lithium and Thorazine also influenced and impacted my mother’s life, so when I was conceived as her second child, my spirit chose not to show up. Much later in my teens, after hearing stories of my Dad’s instability to care for the 4 kids he had with her, left us in foster care, where we were separated. I don’t remember anything about that part of my life accept he appeared one day and took us to live with him. Life is really scary for children. I was completely terrified, felt unsafe, alone and abandoned, so much so that I had to create a place deep inside myself to survive the horrors of the world.
A very smart person once told me that “Life exists infinitely, its only appears new or different in each generation because of technology.” That person was my dad. I understand emotional distress as an inherit part of life that is genetically passed on through our DNA. This idea makes it almost impossible to erase past pain and trauma and can result in a never ending spiral of more pain. Therefore, its my sincere belief that trauma can be prevented when addressed early in childhood. Parents who listen from the heart, cultivate love and compassion for themselves and their children.”

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