Manifesting Your Divine Soulmate with Aisha Muhammad – Sunday, 1:00pm – 1:45pm

Join Aisha as she guides you in manifesting your soulmate. What does it take to manifest the love of your life?  It’s easy and just requires a little time, energy, and intention. We all deserve love come.  Join Aisha and learn the secret.

Aisha MuhammadAbout Aisha Muhammad:  A gifted clairvoyant with over 10 years of experience connecting with individual’s energy to provide greater insight and understanding of their path. In addition to reading energies,  Aisha posses a natural gift of mediumship that allows her to connect with those that have crossed over. This gift bestowed upon her has given Aisha one of the greatest joys and that is the ability to help others heal and gain a sense of peace knowing that their loved ones remain connected and are watching over them.

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