Medicine Bags, Stones, Herbs, and, Oils: How do they all go together? with Sherri Wasson – Sunday, 3:00pm – 3:45pm

Join Sherri Wasson to explore the use of medicine bags, stones, herbs, and oils as a way of healing, protecting, and helping you move forward.

In this presentation Sherri will:

  • Give a brief history on Medicine Bags
  • Speak on the vibration of stones mixed with herbs and oils
  • Explain how to effetively use a Medicine Bag

About Sherri:

Sherri Wasson has been a channel all of her life, giving advice and comforting others even as a child .  Once she learned how to control and hone her skills, she found herself attracted to the practice of creating and using medicine bags.  Since then her passion turned into a career of making medicine bags from scratch and channeling the proper stones, herbs, and oils to place in the bag for individuals highest good.  Sherri has brought the ancient practice of using medicine bags back to the forefront in modern times.

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