Mediumship, Flow & Creativity with Lisbet Kemp – Sunday, 3:00pm – 3:45pm

The presentation is about how we all can utilize the energies from the spirit world, universe, and nature to enhance our creative abilities.  There will be examples, ideas, and small exercises on how to work with energy flow in different ways. Lisbet’s wish and intention is to offer the audience inspiration and ideas on how to experiment with their own creative skills.

About Lisbet Kemp:  Lisbet has worked as a medium/ healer, intuitive counselor and teacher for about 20 years in different parts of the world, specifically in her own country of Denmark.
Originally she was an architect, however life events took Lisbet in the direction of working as a medium.
She has had more than 3000 happy clients and been the co-leader/ teacher at a school for mediumship in Denmark.
Lisbet’s passion is to work with energy flow either painting, speaking, or chanting and to introduce others to techniques and ideas on how to do so.

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