Money: The Next Step to Spiritual Awakening! with Susan Orosco – Sunday, 1:00pm – 1:45pm

The Connection Between Money and Spirituality

Are you spiritual …but broke? Do you believe in the Law-of-Attraction, positive thinking and visualization and yet you can’t seem to break through your money ceiling? Do you feel that money betrays you by not being there when you need it?

… and do these experiences tend to break your heart and wonder if God has forgotten you?

What if you were to learn that money is the next step in your evolution? What if you are supposed to conquer that challenge? What if you were to learn that your money fears are showing up in your life so you can strengthen one of your last remaining spiritual weaknesses?
In her presentation Susan will discuss:

  • Understanding how healing your relationship with money is part of The Awakening.
  • How to exam your current relationship with money.
  • 3 ways to remove money blocks.
  • Why you should build a loving, healthy and trusting relationship with money.
  • How to make money feel safe with YOU and therefore, seek for you.
  • Learn about the importance of making money a partner to your success.

About Susan:

Susan OroscoSusan Orosco is an award winning author, award winning playwright, and public speaker. She is an Emotional Freedom practitioner and a Certified Master Hypnotherapist. But she is better known as a Dream Coach.

Susan has inspired and motivated audiences throughout California for over 25 years. Audiences love her techniques to self-motivate, break through limitations and courageously follow their dreams.

Many clients fall in love with her ability to clear their path to success. Results from working with Susan are amazing. Clients advance in their careers, find their soul-mates and learn to love their life.

Susan has authored 3 books and co-authored “8 Ways to Say I love my Life” with 7 other women. her message is Unleash Your Extreme Dream and Clear The Path to Good Fortune.

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