Ocean of Love Holy Fire Reiki Renewal with Susan Langley & Ethan Glass – Sunday, 3:00pm – 3:45pm

fire reikiJoin Usui/Holy Fire II Reiki Master Teachers Ethan Glass and Susan Langley as they ground, center and lead you on a journey of renewal to the Ocean of Love. First, Ethan Glass, a Meditative Chakra Therapist, will lead you through a Grounding Meditation to relax, de-stress and release stagnant energy in the chakras. Then Susan Langley will take you across the Time Bridge to the Ocean of Love. Let yourself be washed in the waterfall; leave your important cares and burdens at the sacred pool. All other worries may be dropped over the bridge into the River of Life to be transformed into love and light. Sit beside the Ocean of Love, allow the healing energy of Source to help you release your spiritual blocks and move forward on your spiritual path.

Susan Langley and Ethan Glass, both from Lightweavers Academy in Citrus Heights will be offering Reiki Healing at the LightWeavers Academy booth.  Guests can also sign up for Susan’s Reiki Classes and learn more about Ethan’s Chakra Meditations and Chakra Class.

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