Sari Speaks: Balancing Mind & Spirit with Lauren Guarducci – Saturday, 3:00pm – 3:45pm

Lauren has been channeling a “light being” named Saris for eight years. She is very excited to share her insights with you. Saris has taught her many incredible things. Her presentation will focus on balancing Mind & Spirit.

“Everything is not what it seems.” Lauren says. “Once I realized the possibilities, everything clicked into place.  Balance is more important than I realized.” She will teach you tools on how to be in the moment, let go of the past, and have healthier relationships with not only yourself, but others as well.  Together we will change the world.
“The purpose of life is to experience, the meaning is determined by you.” – Saris

About Lauren :  Lauren Guarducci is an author.  Her book, A Touch on the Shoulder: A woman’s journey of discovery was so profound that it healed her wounds from the past. Because of her incredible experience she was able to open herself to the universe and all it gifts. That is how Lauren discovered her beloved friend Saris. She has been channeling Saris for eight years now. He is a non-corporeal being who watches over earth’s realm. Lauren is currently a spiritual guide and has helps many people discover their purpose and gifts. She just recently put all her wisdom, experiences, and teachings from Saris together to create an 8 weeks on-line program to fully change people’s lives. Her goal is to teach others how they can reach their full potential and create a life they love and to serve others. You can check out Lauren’s website to learn more about her mission and more about Saris at

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