The Healing Power of Prayer with Cathleen Hylton – Saturday, 3:00pm – 3:45pm

Through Cathleen’s life, she has┬áseen amazing healing and growth received from the power of prayer.

These days there is so much fear that runs through our concsiousness that we often close down and feel like we have to do eveything on our own. We feel unloved and unworthly of greatness.

Prayer helps us to remember our divinty and that we are very deeply loved. It is our communciation with our Divine Nature. This enhances our faith, our belief in magic and miracles.

This class will help you to remember who you truly are, restore your faith, and connect with your ablity to pray.
There will also be a guided meditation and some audience readings.

Cathleen HyltonAbout Cathleen Hylton:

“My journey has been filled with numerous struggles. With time and prayer, each of them was healed and made into blessings. The classes I do are my way of sharing the wonderful life which you are destined to have.
I have more than 30 years of experience working with all types of people. My communication style is different; I am compassionate, loving, and direct. I love watching as my clients wake up to themselves and experience life in a whole new way.”

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