The Shaman’s Way of Living with Myrian Galler – Sunday 1:00pm – 1:45pm

How can you live everyday, every moment, in complete Oneness with all Life, flowing from one situation into another, being completely guided here and there, in total trust, in total bliss?
All you need is the willingness to make it happen. ┬áThat’s the Shaman’s Way, being connected to the web of life, communicating through this web, receiving through this web.
Myrian will guide you in a meditation experience of Oneness, within you, with your Soul and the web of Life.
She is a Natural Born Shaman, and has lived her life with the knowing that we are all One.

Myrian GallerAbout Myrian Galler:  Myrian was born in Brazil, from Russian parents. After a near death experience at 3 years old, her ability to sense and know became very present in her life. She communicated telepathically with plants, animals, the elements and with people. The world of Spirit was her world.
Her first intentional request from Spirit was at age 17, when she asked God to take her Grandmother from this realm, after great suffering from cancer. Her Grandmother closed her eyes, and peacefully slept away to the other side.
Myrian has dedicated her life to this Earth and all her relations.

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