Local Conductor Henrik Jul Hansen Brings Together the Mainstream and the Metaphysical at the Healing Arts Festival

Elk Grove, CA, February 15, 2015:  Henrik Jul Hansen, local conductor brings together the mainstream with the metaphysical with his talk Music of the Spheres at the Healing Arts Festival starting at 11:00am on Sunday, March 8th, 2015 at the Scottish Rite Masonic Center in Sacramento.

HansenMusic of the Spheres, is a 2500 year old concept that spawned our present Western musical system, the beginning of our culture and an alignment with the cosmos that improved health, inner balance, abundance, and life’s fulfillment.  The ancients had mastered the Alchemy of Sound, a concept we have largely forgotten today.  With our fast paced living, earth changes, and emotional and mental upheavals, Music of the Spheres offers ways to inner peace and harmony that are just as valid today as it was then.  Based on ancient teachings and understands and scientific data, Henrik shares his discovery in exploring how music, sound, and vibration can bring harmony to our lives.

Henrik Hansen’s has had a love for music his whole life.  He started his music career at age 5 playing piano and at16 was asked by his music director to conduct his choir.  It was so natural and exhilarating for him, from that point on, he knew this was what he wanted to do.

He studied at the University and Conservatory of Denmark and attended the Royal Academy of Music in Sweden and the Royal Academy of Music in London.  He has conducted a concert at Carnegie Hall and had his own orchestra in New York.  Henrik moved to California in 1995 and conducted the Sacramento Gold Country Orchestra for 8 years.  He expanded the music division for UC Merced and brought Merced Symphony to a professional orchestra as well as conducting many other operas, musicals, and classical concerts including the Sacramento Ballet.

Henrik’s has shared his love of music with children.  He has spoken to children in school and foster care and taught them to conduct.

When Henrik was 25 years old, he was in a minor bicycle accident.  This life changing event raised questions in his mind about life itself and the universe.   Naturally intuitive, he started to study astrology and meditation.  He studied Pythagoras and the Vedas as well as other ancient teachings.  His love of the mystical and music came together in his research and is the basis for his presentation.

One of the great discoveries included in his presentation is that the planets have their own electromagnetic fields and emit their own sounds.  Nasa has a video of this phenomenon on YouTube.

As new discoveries verify ancient beliefs, new understandings are being shared and more are beginning to discover how to create harmony and healing with sound and vibration.

The Healing Arts Festival is a metaphysical and holistic festival full of a variety of healing modalities, metaphysical and holistic products and services, free presentations, and an environment to explore new thought and ancient traditions.  The event is a free event open to public on March 8th, 2015 from 10:00am – 5:00pm at the Scottish Rite Center located at 6151 H St. in Sacramento. For more information about the Healing Arts Festival, check out their website at www.healingartsfestival.com.  For more information about Henrik Jul Hansen please send an email to info@healingartsfestival.com.


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