Local Northern California Author to Give Keynote at Healing Arts Festival about Ancient Understanding of Knowledge

Elk Grove, CA — On Saturday, July 11th, 2015 Joseph Puru Selbie will be giving a talk on the Yuga Cycles, Revealing the Secrets of Past and Future.

Yugas_Cover_webThe teachings on the yuga cycles comes from Indian philosophy and is found in written scripture as far back as 7000 BC. The premise of the teachings tells us that our understanding is not linear but goes in cycles from higher more knowledgeable ages to lower darker ages. In his book The Yugas: Keys to Understanding Our Hidden Past, Emerging Energy Age, and Enlightened Future Puru gives examples of this which help explain the precision of the Egyptian pyramids and the Gobekli Tepe temples in a way that mainstream scientific thinking cannot.
Joseph Puru Selbie was interested in ancient cultures from a young age. He recalls in 6th grade being excited when told they were going to be learning about ancient civilizations only to find out the studies spanned just 2 weeks and covered Roman, Greek, and Egyptian history. Puru wanted more.

In college, Puru went to University of Colorado Boulder and studied ancient western cultures. His freshman year, he was introduced to yoga, meditation, and the teachings of Paramhansa Yogananda, an Indian Yogi Master. As Puru started getting deeper into the yoga teachings, he decided he wanted to align his inner life with his outer one and transferred to UC Berkley to study Indian philosophy and civilization. While at UC Berkley, Puru read The Holy Science by Swami Sri Yukteswar and for the first time learned about the yuga cycles. Everything finally clicked.

Joseph-Selbie-300x400Two quarters before graduating from UC Berkley, Joseph Puru Selbie moved to a yoga community in Nevada City called Ananda, founded by Swami Kriyananda, direct disciple of Paramhansa Yogananda. While there, Swami Kriyananda asked Puru to do some research on the yuga cycles because he knew the importance of sharing these teachings and planned on writing a book, however Swami Kriyananda never had time to complete the work.

Through the years, Puru kept up his research on the topic, traveled to Italy to help start a spiritual yogic community there, taught yoga and meditation throughout Europe and the United States, and raised a family in Nevada City, California.

In 2007, Puru’s friend and also life-long researcher on the yuga cycles David Byasa Steinmetz decided it was time to take on the task of writing a book about the yuga cycles. Puru volunteered to help him on the project and in 2011 The Yugas: Keys to Understanding Our Hidden Past, Emerging Energy Age, and Enlightened Future was published. Since then Puru has taught seminars throughout the United States and has presented at CPAK (Conference on Precession & Ancient Knowledge) several times.

Joseph Puru Selbie is currently working on a book about the compatible intersection of science and religion. Here Puru plans on showing how the universal inner experience of religion apart from its stories and dogma is universal. He shares the understanding that inner uplifting experience leads to transcendence and that subtle energy realms can be directly experienced. Puru suggests that this can be supported by science through various new understandings including the string theory.

You may hear Joseph Puru Selbie speak at the upcoming Healing Arts Festival on Saturday, July 11th, 2015 from 12:00pm – 1:00pm located at the Scottish Rite Masonic Center. For more information about Puru, you may email him @ joseph@theyugas.com. For more information about the Healing Arts Festival, go to www.healingartsfestival.com or call 916-896-0135.


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