Cristina Fuentes, Tree Skeleton

Seven Chakra Rainbow Journey

This journey begins at your root Chakra, the first of the seven Chakras, and spirals it’s way up to your crown. A combination of soothing vocal toning, storytelling, mantra chanting, and synthesizers focus on the healing frequencies and notes of each individual Chakra in a consecutive order. The music and messages of each Chakra carry you through a blissful and powerful creative meditation.

About Tree Skeleton:
As Tree Skeleton, Maia (Cristina Fuentes) explores and expresses her higher self through singing, synthesizers, and acoustic & electronic drums. Her healing music manifests in the form of ballads and musical prayers that expresses her divinely guided truths to share and help others to heal as well. “Rising from the source. Grounded in nature and reaching out to the stars. Prayers for living in this world but not being of it.”

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