Kate Casey, Body and Hearth

Imagine yourself in an ancient temple. As you enter this sacred space, you hear the sounds of bells, gongs, singing bowls from another place, another time. You close your eyes as the Sacred Sound surrounds and envelopes you. It stirs your soul and lures you to a place of peace and oneness with the Universe. As you are bathed in sound, you return to your essence, to your true self.

Sound Healing moves us from disharmony to harmony. The vibration of Sacred Sound stimulates the brainwave centers to deepen relaxation and synchronize the brain hemispheres, as it releases blockages in the body and auric field. The meditative effects of Sacred Sound reduce stress, lower blood pressure, improve immunity, and decrease pain response.

About Kate Casey:

Kate Casey, Owner of Body and Hearth, seeks to gently awaken the senses to facilitate peace within and without. She offers Sacred Sound and Reiki to promote deep relaxation and healing; Feng Shui consultation to create flow and harmony; and Rune readings to access insight and wisdom.

Kate facilitates sound meditations and classes that mix the soothing sounds of ancient Himalayan singing bowls with the clarity and brightness of newer bells, chimes, and tuning forks to create a sublime healing experience.

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