Katie Wise Wallen, Solaris Rising

Solaris Rising logoIn this 30 minute session, Katie will guide you through a full chakra cleansing/activation with the crystal singing bowls and vocal toning with the Bijas. One can expect to be guided in meditation through the chakra body, creating awareness and opening of each energetic center. Connecting above and grounding below ending with heart centered awareness and awakening with the tingsha chime.

About Katie Wise Wallen:  Katie is an Advanced Crystal Master and Reiki Master Teacher who has a long history as a singer in the blues and jazz community. Naturally her passion for music has transferred into her drive to share the beauty and wisdom of crystal healing and vibrational medicine. Coupling her crystal wisdom with esoteric sound healing, she has blended her two passions into one harmonic crystal singing bowl sound healing experience. Accompanied by her soulful serenading melodic tones which are inspired by the ancient Sanskrit bijas, she has been holding sound healing events all over the Sacramento area since 2016. Katie and her partner and husband, Ray continue to bring this deeply healing medicine throughout our communities and can be found working under the name Solaris Rising.


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