Benefits of Meditation with Tammy Adams – Saturday, September 23rd, 3:30pm – 5:30pm

Do you truly know what meditation is? How can you reap the benefits of meditation and what are they? Tammy Adams, Intuitive Life Coach & Spiritual Healer will answer these questions and more during her talk, “Benefits of Meditation.” The practice of meditation has been around for centuries so why not use this age-old practice and bring balance to your life? As an Intuitive Life Coach & Spiritual Healer, Tammy Adams uses meditation at the very core of her practice. She has traveled the world learning from spiritual leaders including the Dalai Lama. Her teachings bring clarity to her students so, join Tammy and learn how meditation can start bringing immediate change into your life.

Tammy will be covering:

·         What is meditation?

·         Energy balancing

·         Health & Fulfillment

Join Tammy and learn the keys to meditation and allow her to take you into a live guided vibrational meditation. Truly experience Tammy and her strength as she moves the vibrations throughout everyone in attendance. All that she asks is for you to be open to receiving this gift and knowledge.

About Tammy:  Tammy Adams has been an Intuitive Life Coach & Spiritual Healer for over 30 years. Tammy has the ability to communicate with your Guardian Angels and Spirit Guides. She has developed her skills by learning from notable spiritual thought leaders of our time: Pope John Paul II, the Visionaries of Medjugorje, a Hopi Shaman, the Dalai Lama, and Mother Teresa of Calcutta to name a few. Tammy is also an author, radio show host and public speaker. She has written a handbook on chakras titled, “Secrets to your Chakras.” And she hosts a weekly radio show, “Karma Talk,” on and most recently was asked to be a participant of the “Yoga for the UN: Culture of Peace,” in Santa Monica, CA.

Cost $25

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