Mother God and Feminine Goddess Energy in the World with Anita DeCoteau – Saturday, Sept. 23, 2:00pm – 3:30pm

As we are stepping towards The Golden age, The universal energies have changed, unveiling the mystery of the feminine goddess.
For centuries we have been taught by The Church, of only Father, Son and The Holy Spirit.  This was to control women and to make society patriarchal.  It also gave justification for killing people who worshiped differently.  Now times have changed and although we are still facing wars, and patriarchal energy, the more gentle feminine energy is present.
What does this mean?
It means, we as human beings come together and have more empathy for one another.   We will see people finally accepting one another as one.   The gentle energies are actually saving the planet from destruction.
Come join us to find out how to get in touch with Mother God, how She can help you, and how to heal your life.

Anita DeCoteauAbout Anita DeCoteau:  Anita is a singer and healer with a gift of clairvoyance. She has studied spirituality since she was a child and comes from a family of healers.

Cost:  $20

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