Power of I AM: How to Bring Profound Life Changes Rapidly with Michael Allenbright – Saturday, September 23rd, 12:00pm – 2:00pm

Did you know that our entire life trajectory gets set before the age of 2? Everything in our life is a reflection of our inner I AM. This inner I AM gets deeply set in our psyche based on early childhood experience. Every experience later on life will be a reflection of this inner I AM.

Changing this inner I AM is difficult for two reasons. First, we are not aware of what this I AM is. Second, even if we become aware, it is hard to change this inner I AM because we deeply identify with this I AM.

It is easy to spend decades of self effort and not be able to make a dent in our life due to the above two reasons.

Imagine what will your life be if you could learn to change your inner I AM with relative ease.

Michael has developed a relatively simple process to identify and change your inner I AM and hence change your life rapidly. It is possible to experience dramatic changes right in the workshop itself. Health, wealth and happiness all become possible when you follow this simple process.

Come, attend this beautiful, fun and engaging presentation and workshop. Understand the cause of all your struggles, how and when they started and learn a simple process to change your life trajectory. You could experience life changes right in the workshop itself. Above all have fun engaging in the group activity.

About Michael Allenbright:  Michael  is an expert in metaphysics, psychology​,​ energy medicine​ and technology​. He studied under a direct disciple of Yogananda Paramahansa (author of Autobiography of a Yogi) and was guided by other enlightened teachers during his 30 years of intense spiritual practices. He holds an MBA from Northwestern University and an MS in Computer Science, and worked as a senior executive at Motorola, pioneering the development of 3G and 4G cellular technologies. Using his spiritual wisdom and scientific expertise, Michael engineered an unprecedented healing system called iZone® Healing Technology that heals the consciousness with Universal Energy that is transmitted from the Himalayas.

Cost:  $20

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