Sojourn of the Numinous: Traversing the Planes of Consciousness with Christian Toren von Lahr – Saturday, 12:00pm – 2:00pm

Dr. Christian Toren Von Lahr Clairvoyant Medium

Travel the Realms of Existence and discern the world through the eyes of the clairvoyant.

Sojourn of the Numinous, is a Keynote event delivered by esoteric philosopher, author and Clairvoyant Dr. Christian von Lähr.

This Workshop takes the audience on a journey through the many realms of existence – to understand – and experience – how life exists elsewhere, who those life forms are, and how they appear and communicate with us.

You will come to understand the nature and state of Angels, Nature Spirits, family and friends that have passed-on, those who rise beyond to Heaven, through Nirvana and astonishingly further still to the realm of Soul, then to pure Spirit.

Masters, teachers, Guides, Prophets and Saints, Ascended Masters and Archangels are all real, and exist somewhere, out there.  Find out where.  But there is other consciousness, too, that confounds and excites, some wondrous, some ominous.  Can you control what comes in?

Why is this vast realm of varied and multifaceted consciousness there, and how did they come upon their fate?  By what means and to what ends will they reach out to us and communicate or inspire?  What are their worlds like?  How can we experience these realms?  How does the transition from world to world occur?

About Christian:  Celebrity psychic Dr. Christian Toren von Lähr is a consummate psychic-clairvoyant-medium and medical intuitive with true eyes-open ability. He can see within your aura and energy fields the areas of concern you have – AND their solutions. These areas include your future, housing and relocation, vocation, relationships and soul mates, your children’s conditions, your childhood issues – those things that have molded your character and direction in this life – and the families and friends around you. · With higher faculties he can deliver both meanings and messages to guide you. His focus is on solutions by reaching to your Guides, Archangels, Ascended Masters and your Higher Self. · He instantly picks up your ultimate path in life. · He instantly detects those with a “Starseed” heritage, explaining the very unique characteristics you have that are making you feel alone in the world. · Christian Toren is renown for his ability to provide you the who, when, where, why and how of your destined soul mates – for this he uses an ages-old technique to SEE this soul mate destiny.

The workshop itself is 90 minutes leaving time at the end for scheduling appointments, etc.

Christian Toren von Lahr workshop(Numinous = filled with or characterized by a sense of a supernatural presence)

$45 Advanced Ticket

$65 VIP Advanced Ticket: First 2 Rows and center aisle for the best viewing. You may also be picked for demonstrations! (Limited tickets available)

$70 Day of Event.  $90 VIP Day of Event – if still available

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