The Comprehensive Attunement with Carrie Meyer – Saturday, April 7th, 12:00pm – 2:00pm

Join seasoned holistic healing practitioner and yoga teacher Carrie Meyer for a comprehensive attunement of your consciousness spectrum. This workshop will focus on various aspects of your psycho-energetic system and is designed to bridge the theoretical with the experiential. Highlights include gentle movement and breath work, psycho-energetic attunement, grounding, focusing, emotional clarification, helpfully recognizing the shadow, connecting intention to receptivity, and creating an actualizing metaphor. You will be guided toward psycho-somatic-spiritual harmonization, advancing your self-understanding, and poising for the next phase of your growth or evolution. Any movement or breath work will be gentle and accessible to all. You are invited to bring a notebook and pen for note-taking and recording personal reflections.

Carrie MeyerAbout:  Carrie Meyer, MA, CCHT, ERYT is a certified clinical hypnotherapist and experienced registered yoga teacher with a master’s degree in psychology integrating somatic, Eastern, and Western psychology. Carrie is a refined energetic healer and integrative counselor who specializes in interpreting psycho-energetic patterns she perceives in clients’ energy fields during her holographic energy sessions. Teaching yoga in Sacramento since 2001, she has also led numerous workshops and lectured on a variety of consciousness-based topics since beginning her Holoflective Healing practice in 2004. Her individual sessions, yoga classes, and workshops are informed by a broad understanding of the human consciousness spectrum. For more information on Carrie’s work, please visit

Class Investment:  $40

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