The Healing Power of Sound with Dr. Leona Kashersky & Jason Briggs – Saturday, April 7th, 3:30pm – 5:00pm

Healing Pathways is excited to present: The Healing Power of Sound

• Intensive Embodied Sound Series!

• Evidenced-based healing models

• Fused with ancient healing practices

This intensive is perfect for those who are working to manage stress, learn to meditate, and to connect with your deepest inner wisdom.   Our clinicians are equip with EMDR training to assist in the event of trigger activation.

Given our background in evidenced-based healing models, Healing Pathways is presenting the ancient practice of crystal singing bowls, chakra system theory, rhythm and mantra meditation with the modern principles of EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing), and DBT (Dialectical Behavioral Therapy). This fusion of past, present and future is sure to enhance your inner work of integrating your heart and mind at a serene location.

Bring blankets, meditation cushions, and yoga mats for your comfort.


Dr. Leona Kashersky founded Healing Pathways in 2007 with a vision for integrated family and community health. Their work holds true to evidence based healing, including those practices that have been used since antiquity supporting the balancing of ones’ own mind, body and spirit with daily practice of mindfulness, bodywork and community building. At Healing Pathways they partner with the rich diversity of our community, as they join you in your exploration and in coupling with your deepest roots for healing. They facilitate connecting you with your body through yoga, dance, somatic experience, discovering the opportunity to integrate generational personal history with present experiences. These processes will enhance your journey toward self-actualization and ecstatic living. Like a tree your systemic health depends on how you care for your roots, allowing them to grow deeply gives you the strength and resilience needed to thrive. Sign up to invite them on your personal journey and deepening of your roots.

Jason Briggs is a pre-licensed clinician and Outreach Coordinator at Healing Pathways and has devoted his life to understanding the giving and receiving nature of service and ways we can regenerate it by honoring our healing and growth process and allowing it to unfold, without attachment to the outcomes. He will be offering support to participants who may need extra resourcing during the Healing Power of Sound Workshop.

As a gift to the Healing Arts community, the cost of our workshop reflects a 66% discount.

Investment:   $30

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