We Can Heal Ourselves with Lorraine Chilson – Saturday, April 7th, 2:00pm – 3:30pm

Lorraine McCall Chilson, RN, Clinical Hypnotherapist, Massage Therapist (CAMTC #73905) will present information on healing that she has uncovered over the past 30 years.  She will discuss the tension between western medicine and energy or (holistic) medicine, the times she has mixed the two, and why we need both.

Healing is the energy on the planet and the healer facilitators are bringing forth many new and creative modalities to assist others into complete wellness.

Lorraine’s personal journey as seen in the The Hero with a Thousand Faces as told by the amazing Joseph Campbell, has brought her back with information to share with society as a new way to facilitate people in their healing. Lorraine is a bridge from allopathic medicine into energy medicine and is an advocate for a new health care model that will include an exploding market of healing modalities that people around the world are currently seeking.
Lorraine feels that this is an inevitable merging of the two due to the enormous amount of money being spent in the area of wellness.

She will take you through some experiential processes of:

Lorraine Chilson

  • How to ground your energy
  • How to shut down the thinking mind quickly
  • How to heal parts of your body with your mind
  • Sound Therapy
  • and if there’s time Lorraine will do some hypnosis and/or a past life regression.

About Lorraine:  Lorraine McCall Chilson has spent the past 30 years in western medicine as an RN.  She was called to energy healing through synchronistic events in her life starting in 2005.  Training in many modalities, including hypnosis and massage, she now combines learned techniques in a unique way to assist others on their path to healing.  Working in what Lynne McTaggert has called, “The Field”, Lorraine accesses information unique to each person in their path toward wholeness and creativity.

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